HEMBRAMALA has been silent in social media, but that does not mean we have not been busy! We are preparing a series of exhibitions and online curatorships that are carefully selected to properly represent the variety and richness of Mexican contemporary art. “De Tocho Morocho” is the first installment, where we introduce in a playful way the wide diversity of techniques and points of view of young creative Mexicans.

“De tocho morocho” is a casual and funny way of saying “de todo”, which means something similar to “a bit of everything”. We want this introduction to be as carefully curated as always, but also to be approachable and friendly. This way, you can think of this collection of artworks and design objects as a walk through a design bazar in Mexico City, where you can meet several creators and their unique approaches. We gather Mexican artists and designers that work both inside and outside their native country, making the most out of our online platform to bring yo Japan a bit of “tocho morocho” of what Mexico can offer.