『Mexican Printed Matter』(メキシコ印刷物)はメキシコで最も影響力の大きいアーティストを集めたイベントです。


現在『Mexican Printed Matter』はオンラインのみですが、2017年には日本国内様々な場所で展示させていただきます。

Art comes in many formats, and in HEMBRAMALA we support each and every one of them. As part of our main objective of broadening the image of Mexico in Japan, we bring a fair of zines and art prints to represent the wide variety of artistic proposals that exist in Mexico. “Mexican Printed Matter” is an event that gathers the most influential independent artists that have explored printed media as an art medium with the possibility to highlight the visual and match it with different narratives and dimensions.

Although both Mexico and Japan have a long tradition of printed art works, the latter has a more widespread adoption of this format than the former. We want to pair the fertile ground that the Japanese creative scene provides, with the rich diversity of projects that the Mexican creative circle entails.

“Mexican Printed Matter” will start as an online art fair, but will go traveling around Japan on 2017.