Natural and urban landscapes are constantly changing around us, affecting our perception of wilderness and the place it has in human life. Wild cities, tamed animals, fierce attitudes, organic cuisine; all are terms that evidence that Nature is a continual reference, always in motion. However heavy these nature/artifice adaptation processes may be, there are also simple ways of keeping a balance.

“Biodiversity” is about showing different ways of remaining biointegrated. We bring fragments of the tamed wilderness of Mexico that has come to find a place in our everyday life, to show a different dimension of adaptability. Usually ferocious lions, big elephants, and huge old trees are seen as global images of Nature. Our selection of artworks and objects show appreciation to some of those animals and plants that may not be as big and majestic, but that also hold a link to the wild life. You will find depictions of hot chilies with a challenging spiciness, and native Mexican xolo dogs that were magically important to the Aztecs, among other art objects.

You will find that those nice Mexican chihuahua dogs can be as fierce as any tiger. A very small tiger.